Contact Amnesty International’s Secretariat

Based in London, the secretariat is responsible for the majority of Amnesty International’s research which leads to campaign work. Its work is based on careful research and internationally agreed upon standards. The secretariat office employs more than 320 paid staff and has over 100 volunteers from over 50 countries. Their website says if you have any concerns about human rights issues in any particular country, or wish to report human rights abuse to contact them.

It’s time we give them a call.

The public needs to band together and ask AI why after three years they’re still investigating if Pfc. Bradley Manning qualifies as a prisoner of conscience. The criteria, according to an Amnesty USA email received by blogger Joe Emersberger stated that AI was not yet certain if Manning released the information in a responsible manner, and that the government has been punishing him in order to prevent public knowledge of human rights abuses.

Manning has been imprisoned for over three years and was subjected to psychological torture accompanied by highly abusive treatment for nine of those months. Torture techniques included solitary confinement, humiliation, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, and stress positions of being shackled in a 6’ x 8’ cell. Through his imprisonment, Manning has exposed the dark side of the US justice system which keeps his case shrouded in secrecy. One has to question what the US government is doing behind closed doors. Why shield the public from information regarding his case?

Call AI. Call the Amnesty International Secretariat and ask about Bradley Manning. State your views, concerns, and ask questions. Write down any information you receive. The Secretariat office hours are Monday to Friday. They are closed Saturday and Sunday. They open at GMT 9:00 | EST 4:00 | PST 1:00 | AEST 18:00. They close at GMT 18:00 | EST 13:00 | PST 10:00 | AEST 3:00 (next day). To phone from the US dial 011 +44-20-74135500. To phone from Australia dial 0011 +44-20-74135500. Contact information is listed below. Visit AI’s site to fill out a form and send an email to the secretariat. Send a Tweet to their verified Twitter account @AmnestyOnline. Fax them a letter. Write them a letter. Send them a postcard.

Address: 1 Easton St, London, Greater London WC1X 0DW, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44-20-74135500

Fax: +44-20-79561157

Secretariat Twitter: @AmnestyOnline


2 thoughts on “Contact Amnesty International’s Secretariat

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  2. This useless and biased Amnesty International is out there making senseless statements about the military. They have kept quiet in d face of d pogrom and genocide being committed by d fulani terrorists, d senseless killing of unarmed protesters,etc with no decisive action by d govt! Amnesty seem to be promoting injustice in Nigeria! Am sure they may be collecting bribe

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